We believe digital technology isn't about adapting and playing catch up – it’s about embracing the new, staying ahead of the game and constantly evolving!

Digital Design vs. Technology

At the crossroads of creativity and technology, you’ll find us – a digital agency populated with a unique combination of big CREATIVE thinkers and SKILLED developers born and bred for the digital world.

We generate ideas and strategies driven by consumer insights and intensified through the use of new and innovative technology. This approach means that our team is at the cutting edge of digital technology and how it can achieve results for your business.

Digital Strategy – The digital road is paved with constant change

Without the right digital strategy, business in today’s market can prove to be a roller coaster of a ride. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and people are constantly looking for new and faster ways to connect with the world around them.

Consumers are in control and have become increasingly aware about what they give their attention to and how and when they do it. What’s popular today can be old school or obsolete tomorrow. The digital landscape is continually making it harder to keep pace with people’s behaviour and interests. If you’re going to adapt and keep up, you need a team that can make that happen. That’s where SMPC’s digital team can help.

Digital Touch-Points – Connecting your audience from everywhere

We help our clients transform digital strategies into real life experiences at events and promotional activations. Our team ignites and nurtures the relationship between consumers and brands, ensuring that they are both long lasting and mutually beneficial. But, with today’s audience, that’s no easy task.

Since consumers today experience brands across many different channels and touch points, our planning processes consider how these channels can best work together ensuring each campaign strategy reaches as many customers as possible. By exploring all traditional marketing opportunities as well as digital, print and mobile platforms, our strategies are not only effective, they actually work making businesses more successful.

Responsive Website Design

SMPC specialises in delivering bespoke, responsive and intelligent digital solutions for a wide range of clients and across a wide range of industries.

Our careful planning helps increase brand awareness, increase sales and commercial interest as well as communicating effectively to your target audience providing a return on investment. Our highly experienced programmers work with a range of new and well tested technologies and have the expertise to create custom online solutions such as websites, HTML newsletters, EDMs, e-commerce sites, interactive applications, Mobile apps and e-Learning modules. We also ensure that all solutions are responsive and work over a range of devices such as Tablets and Smart Phones.

Most importantly of all, we have the tools and skills to encourage your customers to form more meaningful relationships and connections with your brand. By sharing a helpful resource, a short piece of digital content, an engaging online experience, a useful tool or something that simply makes their lives easier or more enjoyable, you’ll build both your brand and your connection with your customers too.