Transforming traditional print publishing into fully interactive and engaging digital publications.

Publication Design for Print

By combining intelligent design, typographic skills, photography and illustration SMPC are able to create your corporate and consumer literature to an award-winning standard. Whether your brief is for a corporate brochure, annual report, sales presentation, newsletter or magazine, we can help develop your brand to talk to your target audience. Our knowledge of print processes and materials enhances the layouts and production of the final product. We are able to liaise with our printers (our yours) to ensure you receive excellent quality of work at competitive rates.

Digital Publishing – Reach a greater audience with cross-platform publications

SMPC takes interactive digital publishing to a whole new level by designing and converting standard print publications into fully featured interactive and highly functional online and mobile publications. The end result will inspire, engage and interact with your readers and customers online, offline and on mobile devices.

Our Digital Publishing team effectively uses different publishing platforms depending on those best suited to your needs and requirements. We offer a complete solution that lets media and business publishers create, distribute, monetise, and optimise publications for tablet and mobile devices.

We help you to efficiently produce content for multiple screens and devices without getting locked into any single device, platform, store model, or revenue share while also integrating online analytics so you can track, measure, and respond to your customers.