Who exactly are you?
Every successful brand or business has asked itself this question at some stage. Trust us, we’ve done the research. So logic then follows that if you want to be highly successful you need to know who you are and what you stand for before you shout it from the rooftops or whisper it in the alleyways.

SMPC can help you create, nurture and develop your brand before unleashing it on the world so it can have the best opportunity to realise its full potential. Our unique ability to simplify, create, manage and roll-out brand identity and campaigns across multiple mediums is at the forefront of what we do.

Event Creative

Engage your audience. Then do it again.
SMPC has been producing branded event creative, print and marketing solutions for quite some time now. You might say it’s one of our specialties. And, when coupled with our event-specific digital applications, you’ve got all your bases covered.

Our team is at the forefront of producing event specific campaigns combined with engaging digital applications that attract, engage and connect consumers to brands during events. So if you’re thinking of your next event, you need a team who truly understands the nature of the beast.


The Digital World is our Playground. Let’s Play!
Our team is constantly focused on understanding the evolving digital world around us and how people and businesses connect with it. It’s this inquisitive approach to what we do that helps our team to see what’s just around the corner.

We believe adapting isn’t about playing catch up – it’s about embracing the new, staying ahead of the game and constantly evolving!


SMPC transforms traditional print design into interactive publications ready for mobile and tablet devices.

By combining intelligent design, typographic skills, relevant photography and illustration SMPC is able to create your publication to an award-winning standard ready for print…. and interactive digital publication.

The end result will engage and inspire your readers online, offline and on mobile devices – wherever they are and whenever they choose.


The impact of marketing can be confidently measured when a clear and precise strategy has been planned and executed well.

Our team ensures that key objectives and issues are understood thoroughly in order to provide an in depth communication and marketing solution.

SMPC can help you develop a fresh approach to what your brand has to offer and develop a strategy towards creating a stronger and larger market footprint.