Augmented Reality for Marketing, Branding & Events

Augmented Reality Experiences for Marketing, Branding & Events

We provide user experiences that will help attract, inspire and enhance your brand presence.  Learn how you can seemlessly integrate interactive AR & VR into your ongoing marketing, branding and event campaigns.

Adding another level to your marketing & event campaigns

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SMPC will partner with you to fine tune, then rapidly deploy your ideas ready for launch day and beyond. Show you how you can capture data, run fun competitions, virtual presenters and develop a take home promotional experiences.

Improve brand recall and engagement by introducing interactive AR & VR content and experiences with flexible content control to your next print campaign. Add immersive 360 degree video, video holograms, 3D models, click-through analytics and much more.

Contact our immersive digital team to discover how we can help you improve brand recall and engagement with augmented reality, boosting your marketing campaign to the next level.

Consulting & Ideation

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Augmented reality experiences that will help connect you to your audience.

Want to start exploring AR & VR technologies but you don’t quite know where to start? Well, SMPC is a great place to start exploring these technology mediums.

If you are starting from scratch we offer discovery tech clinics that will help validate if AR & VR is right for you and your business. Our team understands that not all technology suits every business so our tech clinics are a great way to dip your toes in and evaluate this amazing technology.

A little more advanced? Then our consulting and ideation process will help you ramp things up. We will help you test your ideas and project needs against this technology to find out which solution is best for your business.

Want to know more?

To get the conversation started please contact us via the form below. We look forward to discussing your augmented reality and virtual reality ideas and project needs.

Content Creation

Architectural Visualisation Augmented Reality Experiences Agency

Need help creating or publishing content for your next augmented reality project?

SMPC has a variety of seamless content producing services specifically for augmented reality and virtual reality experiences but also for your general marketing and business needs.

In addition once we help you create your amazing content or you have supplied your assets we can publish within minutes so that you can see how your AR or VR content and experience will look.


Want to know more?

To find out more on our augmented and virtual reality content creation services please contact us via the form below.

Publishing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Architectural Visualisation Augmented Reality Experiences Agency

Seamless delivery of augmented reality experiences published through your own white labelled mobile application.

Rapid deployment, flexible content management and editing is only the start. Take a look at some of the other platform and publishing features and benefits available to our clients below.

Have your own content and just need someone to help publish your AR/VR?

No problems. You can design and supply your own content. We will help you get it into shape then publish it for you via our reality platform.

Want to know more?

To find out more on our augmented and virtual reality publishing services please contact us via the form below.

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AR Publishing Benefits for Clients

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  • iOS and Android apps in your hands in less than a week
  • Incorporate existing content into your mobile app with ease
  • Easy content editing and content management
  • Customisable experience templates
  • No development resources necessary
  • Robust and tested AR/VR platform
  • Streamline production with your own experience templates, just add content
  • Flexible content control
  • ARKit
  • Publish and sync to app within minutes
  • Powerful Unity3D platform engine connectivity
    • Compatible with most CAD, rendering and 3D applications
    • Import and publish FBX or OBJ files with ease

Pre-Built AR Platform Benefits for Clients

Architectural Visualisation Augmented Reality Experiences Agency

  • New experiences and edits available instantaneously in app
  • Activate multiple content groups
  • Interactive Hotspots enabled
  • Google Cardboard enabled
  • Fully customisable HTML landing page and menus
  • Push Notifications
  • Standard Experience Templates:
    • Video (full screen, AR, 360 and green screen holograms)
    • 360 panoramas (single or multiple)
    • HTML
  • Advanced Experience Templates:
    • 3D models
    • 3D animation
    • Interactive maps
    • Power user combination templates

Locally grown talents supporting new business opportunities

We started SMPC with a startup spirit and a towering dream: to help businesses succeed by visualizing their ideas, products and services then create innovative ways of presenting their stories to a crowded marketplace.

Our aim is to source and employ local creatives, digital and production talents and to support local businesses across the Sydney, Brisbane and greater South East Queensland region. We believe small experienced teams that work collaboratively with daily in-person interactions are the key to the best creative design ideas and digital processes.

Resulting in your business success.

Let’s Work Together

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Working collaborative with businesses of all shapes and sizes is what we enjoy most. From start-ups, local or interstate SMB’s, Councils, Government agencies to multi-national companies you’ll find the same passion for developing and delivering creative and digital ideas to help you boost your business goals.

To learn more about SMPC please contact us below.


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