All the hard parts of augmented reality solved.

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Transform your digital content into an engaging augmented reality or virtual reality experience delivered to your own white label application.

SMPC immersive digital creative studio provides a genuine starting point to discover new and emerging technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality.  Our digital team can guide you through the many functions that this technology has to offer plus advise if it is right for your project ideas or business.

Immersive Digital Creative Studio

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Need help creating content for your next AR or VR project?
Or you already have content and you need support to publish in amazing augmented reality or virtual reality? We do that!

SMPC will help you produce everything you need to experience amazing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences that in turn will help your customers better visualise, engage and be educated about your products or services.

Our immersive digital creative studio team offers

  • Augmented Reality
  • Consulting & Ideation
  • Visualisation
  • 360 Image Rendering
  • Video Content
  • Digital Content Creation
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Testing
  • MVP Development
  • 3D Models and Renders
  • Experience Management
  • AR & VR App Publishing
  • Content Management Platform
  • Rapid App Deployment
  • Project Management and Delivery

Augmented Industry Applications

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As a augmented reality solution provider with a proven track record for producing highly effective industry applications our immersive creative and digital teams work alongside industry leaders to advise them through the process and many applications.  Ultimately providing amazing end results that exceed client expectations with tangible results for the end user.

Industries we often provide AR / VR services for include

Immersive Digital Creative Agency SMPC Brisbane

Monash University Event Augmented Reality Application

Informational Event Experience with AR

SMPC recently produced the augmented reality experience and overall event application for the Monash University Annual Alumni Leaders’ Dinner and Conference Event.

Working with Monash University our digital creative team design and developed an immersive experience which became the centerpiece of the dinner event. We also included a feature experience in the foyer to create an impact on arrival.

In addition our team partnered with Monash to deliver an event networking and program app for the event. Connecting guests and also a platform to providing instant feedback and Q&A bulletin boards during and post speaker talks.

  • Concept Development
  • Experience Storytelling
  • Digital Content Creation
  • 3D Design
  • Animation
  • UI/UX
  • Asset Management
  • App Publishing – iOS & Android
  • Project Management
  • Analytics
Augmented Reality Creative Agency Sydney Brisbane

Harmony Day Stories Augmented Reality Application

Educational Augmented Reality Experience

Harmony Day is celebrated around Australia on 21 March each year. It’s a day where all Australians celebrate our diverse cultures and backgrounds.‘Many Stories – One Australia’, invites all Australians to share their personal journey with others – in workplaces, through social media, at schools and in their communities.

Our team developed and delivered a new and exciting digital experience that engages students and forms a powerful new learning tool to support the Australian Curriculum. In addition creates a platform for all ages to discover something new about Harmony Day providing a base for users to share their own story. With the introduction of the lesson plans and activities the Harmony Day Stories app supports the educational strategy for all three school age audiences plus community groups.

  • Concept Development
  • Experience Storytelling
  • Digital Content Creation
  • 3D Design
  • Animation
  • UI/UX
  • Asset Management
  • App Publishing – iOS & Android
  • Project Management
  • Analytics

Augmented Reality for Business and Industry

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Want to start exploring AR and VR technologies but you don’t quite know where to start?

Well, SMPC is a great place to start exploring these technology mediums. Our team understands that not all technology suits every business so our team can dip your toes in and evaluate this amazing technology.

A little more advanced? Then our consulting and ideation process will help you ramp things up. We will help you test your ideas and project needs against this technology to find out which solution is best for your business. Want to know more?


Industries with proven applications

Visualisation with Augmented Reality

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Visualisation with augmented reality is truly a great use of this technology. AR and VR allows you to articulate concepts that are not generally visible to the eye through AR. For example use augmented reality to visualise the sensors on your car and then learn how they work. AR lets you visualise, demonstrate and educate complex content through augmented reality.

Easily show product variations that you don’t physically have on hand. For example a red car is in stock but your customer wants to see the silver one or a customer wants to see facade option for their new home design. Easily swap assets, colours or specs then visualise through augmented reality.

Finally you can demonstrate content generally not practical to visualise or to hard or costly to view in normal circumstances. For example the airbags going off in your car, or view hidden infrustructure, or visualise a new property development for stakeholder management.

All of these uses can be quickly upload into our augmented reality platform, published and visualised before going into production.

Book a meeting with SMPC today to learn how this technology can assist your business.

Content Creation and App Publishing for AR / VR

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SMPC digital team provides clients with the ability to create content then seamless publish and deliver augmented reality and virtual reality experiences through the auggd platform to their own branded white labelled mobile application.

No need to develop an AR app from scratch when you have SMPC on your team. Saving clients major startup development costs, reducing risk and accelerating your app launch to the market.

The other great feature we provide is flexible content control and delivery. This means you can take control of the content and the types of experiences you want to see, edit and upload for your audience. Easy to use, fully customisable experiences to your app in as little as five minutes.

It is that easy.

How we’re different

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Our unique ability and experience to simplify, create and manage augmented reality experiences and immersive content projects of any shape or size is a reflection of our teams combined experience and dedication to help build a brand’s future. The immersive digital creative team at SMPC is made up of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and with a collective ambition to produce outstanding work that delivers a range of experiences specific for our clients and their budgets.

Our personal approach and commitment to providing quality and service is one of the great reasons our clients work with us. Helping businesses and brands connect with their target audience by producing an innovative selection of digital creative, AR/VR publishing and production services.

Locally grown talents supporting new business opportunities

We started SMPC with a startup spirit and a towering dream: to help businesses succeed by visualizing their ideas, products and services then create innovative ways of presenting their stories to a crowded marketplace.

Our approach is simple. We work with you as a creative and digital partner to provide fresh and innovative ideas and customer experiences that help you get the best results from your marketing. We provide all the design services you would expect (and some you wouldn’t!). Working collaboratively with daily in-person interactions are the key to the best creative design ideas and digital processes.

Resulting in your business success.

Let’s Work Together

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Working collaborative with businesses of all shapes and sizes is what we enjoy most. From start-ups, local or interstate SMB’s, Councils, Government agencies to multi-national companies you’ll find the same passion for developing and delivering creative and digital ideas to help you boost your business goals.

To learn more about SMPC please contact us below.


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